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Hans Peterson - Clark Dietz Engineers

Hans Peterson, PE

Civil/Environmental Team Leader, Indiana

Hans has experience managing a variety of stormwater and wastewater projects. He has earned a reputation for building strong client relationships and fostering collaboration with his team. He provides the guidance and decisions necessary to optimize the efficiency, quality and timeliness of any project. Currently Hans is a Senior Vice President at Clark Dietz.

Thorough QA/QC Minimizes Risk

With the goal of minimizing risk and liability, Mr. Peterson conducts Quality Control reviews at key intervals of the design process. Critical Elements of his QA/QC review include identifying, documenting, and sharing, as appropriate, applicable prescribed design criteria and governing local, state and federal regulations. Mr. Peterson reviews critical project elements including adequacy of problem definition, appropriateness of analysis/design tools, conformance with regulations and codes, feasibility and prudence of alternatives considered, constructability, and cost effectiveness.

Stormwater and Wastewater Expertise

Mr. Peterson is a respected and trusted advisor who is highly proficient in creating infrastructure improvements that have a positive and lasting impact. His experience includes master planning and design of stormwater and wastewater management systems, watershed planning, combined sewer long term control plans, sewer system evaluation and rehabilitation, and wastewater collection systems. He specializes in designing and constructing large diameter conveyance systems in congested urban areas. He has led and designed many successful projects throughout Indiana, including Citizens Energy Group’s large diameter Belmont North Relief Interceptor and CSO 034/035 projects.


Wastewater, Stormwater