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Motivated by a collective passion to improve quality of life, we deliver infrastructure solutions that have a positive impact on people, the natural environment, and the economic well-being of our community partners. This takes a balanced approach, committed people working together, and the experience to bring your vision to life. We are engineering more than infrastructure; we are engineering quality of life.

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At the heart of our organization is an experienced and driven engineering team. We bring a powerful combination of local knowledge, strong community relationships, and technical expertise to ensure your vision is realized. You can rest assured that we will deliver on the promised, every time.

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Clark Dietz has a long history of providing responsive service and innovative solutions to clients vested in the success of the built environment. Our firm was founded over sixty years ago, and continues to stand on the principles of clients first, integrity in practice, and a strong and honest work ethic. We believe that every experience you have with us should be nothing short of exceptional.

Findley Bridge – Moultrie County, Illinois
Constructed in 1967



John I. Boldt, PE 
CEO/Chairman of the Board

Charles E. Craddock, PE
President/Chief Operations Officer

Jerald T. Payonk, PE
Executive Vice President/Director of Engineering




We Make a Difference

We understand how vital infrastructure is to people and we never forget the importance to those who rely on it. Our ultimate reward comes from collaborating with our clients and generating solutions that provide real benefit to people’s everyday lives.


We Embrace Diversity

We believe that the diversity of our team infuses our culture with the spirit of innovation. Our collaborative environment respects each team member’s unique perspective and promotes individual and team growth. That means better people, better solutions, and better service to our clients.


We Give Back

At Clark Dietz, we believe our world is stronger when we work together. We volunteer our time, expertise, and leadership to our communities and around the globe. Our efforts help create stronger, healthier places for both people and planet.




“Clark Dietz has become a trusted partner in providing infrastructure to meet the current and future demands of our growing community. We have come to trust their integrity, timeliness and ability to complete our projects with an exceptional level of service and quality. I highly recommend Clark Dietz to municipalities that have a long-term vision for their communities and are seeking a partner who understands their growth objectives.”

Wayne Aldrich, PE, Director of Public Works

“One of the primary benefits of working with Clark Dietz is the field knowledge that their designers possess. I have found continuously that project designs and project schedules are implemented without much complication. Their knowledge of materials, process, and IDOT standards is demonstrated in the product they provide. Their attention to detail and ability to resolve issues promptly and quickly avoids costly change orders…”

Todd Baker, Superintendent
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