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Public Involvement

In addition to the government agencies, municipal stakeholders, utilities, and elected officials vested in the success of a project, the public expects to have an active voice in qualifying problems and generating solutions. Our professionally trained facilitators engage these groups throughout project planning, design, and execution to create transparent, community-driven, and cost-efficient solutions.

We Provide:

  • Identify stakeholders
  • Develop stakeholder outreach plan
  • Conduct stakeholder meetings
  • Meet with leaders and decision makers
  • Understand community context
  • Customize communication plan

We Provide:

  • Coordinate with stakeholders
  • Conduct stakeholder workshops
  • Gather input
  • Brainstorm ideas and alternatives
  • Refine options
  • Reach consensus on solution

We Provide:

  • Council and committee presentations
  • Graphic design capabilities
  • Newsletters and print media
  • Website management
  • Social media and online surveys
  • 3D visualization

Project Websites

As communities evolve, so does the need for community sensitive infrastructures that are capable of meeting current and future demands. Clark Dietz has earned a strong reputation with municipal, county and state clients for leading the Public Involvement process from start to finish.

Clark Dietz provides customized project websites to inform, involve, and inspire public participation. View our project websites by clicking on the logos below.