To our clients and partners:

We are all facing many challenges going forward as the pandemic situation continues to evolve.  Like you, we are working to keep our employees, clients, and partners as safe as we can while continuing to provide service to our clients.  To that end, our employees will not go to our offices unless their presence is required for an essential client or internal business need.  Through technology, we are able to stay connected and to continue to support your organization.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about what you are facing.


Balancing the needs of people
with the potential of infrastructure.

Clark Dietz provides engineering services to clients responsible for enhancing the quality of life through the built environment. Our core services include consulting, design, and construction management in the disciplines of civil/environmental, transportation, structural and mechanical/electrical engineering.

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Our mission is simple.
Engineer Quality of Life.
Clark Dietz consists of a large community of people who just so happen to be engineers. Our team's strong relatonships help build our modern environment every day. MEET OUR TEAM
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