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Clark Dietz is a large, interconnected community of professionals who also happen to be engineers. Our professional engineering staff has nurtured decades of strong relationships, working in concert to sustain and build our modern environment. Delivering solutions across our full line of markets and services, Clark Dietz serves to exceed expectations. Every time.

Antonio Acevedo, PE
Antonio Acevedo, PETransportation Team Leader, Northern Illinois
Mary Austin, PE
Mary Austin, PEProject Manager
Municipal, Drinking Water, Stormwater, Wastewater, Transportation
Emily Basalla, PE, CFM
Emily Basalla, PE, CFMSouthern Wisconsin Area Manager
Stormwater, Board of Directors
Andrea Bretl, PE, ENV SP
Andrea Bretl, PE, ENV SPCivil/Environmental Team Leader, Central Illinois
Robert Chandler, PE
Robert Chandler, PEProject Manager
Wes Christmas, PE, ENV SP
Wes Christmas, PE, ENV SPExecutive Vice President, Indiana Regional Director, Director of Business Development
Transportation, Wastewater, Stormwater, Municipal,
Board of Directors
Chip Craddock, PE, FACEC
Chip Craddock, PE, FACECChairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President
Wastewater, Drinking Water, Mechanical, Electrical,
Board of Directors
Patrick Delp, PE
Patrick Delp, PETransportation Team Leader, Indiana
Scott Drabicki, PE
Scott Drabicki, PECivil/Environmental Team Leader, Northern Illinois
Municipal, Drinking Water, Stormwater, Wastewater
Mustafa Emir, PhD, PE
Mustafa Emir, PhD, PEWisconsin Regional Director, Secretary
Stormwater, Municipal,
Board of Directors
Brandon Flunker, PE, CFM
Brandon Flunker, PE, CFMProject Engineer
Stormwater, Power & Energy, Municipal
Thomas Foley, PE
Thomas Foley, PEProject Engineer
Nathan Frey, PE, PMP
Nathan Frey, PE, PMPTransportation Team Leader, Southern Indiana/Kentucky
Adam Groves, PE
Adam Groves, PETransportation Team Leader, Central Illinois
Christopher Gutkowski, PE, CFM, ENV SP
Christopher Gutkowski, PE, CFM, ENV SPSenior Engineer
Kevin Hetrick, PE
Kevin Hetrick, PECentral Indiana Area Manager
Transportation, Board of Directors
Jon Howaniec, SHRM-CP
Jon Howaniec, SHRM-CPVice President / HR Director
Board of Directors
Ryan Hughes, PE
Ryan Hughes, PEProject Engineer
Road Diet Specialist
Julian Jones, PE
Julian Jones, PEProject Manager
Chester Kochan, PE
Chester Kochan, PESenior Project Manager
Construction, Transportation
Katherine Kreienkamp, PE
Katherine Kreienkamp, PEProject Manager
Jim Loew, PE
Jim Loew, PEProject Engineer
Kevin Loiselle, PE
Kevin Loiselle, PEProject Manager
Chaitanya Mamidala, PE
Chaitanya Mamidala, PEProject Engineer
Transportation, Municipal
Sean Marzano, SE, PE
Sean Marzano, SE, PEStructural Engineer
Transportation, Wastewater, Drinking Water, Stormwater, Power & Energy, Municipal, Mechanical, Electrical
Benjamin Metzler, PE
Benjamin Metzler, PESenior Engineer
Nirav Patel, PE
Nirav Patel, PENorthern Illinois Area Manager
Wastewater, Drinking Water, Power & Energy, Mechanical, Electrical, Municipal
Kendrick Payne, PE, LEED AP
Kendrick Payne, PE, LEED APSenior Project Engineer
Mechanical, Electrical
Jerald T. Payonk, PE
Jerald T. Payonk, PEExecutive Vice President and Director of Engineering
Transportation, Board of Directors
Deborah Porter, PE
Deborah Porter, PEProject Engineer
Brian Powers, PE, CFM, ENV SP
Brian Powers, PE, CFM, ENV SPProject Engineer
Transportation, Stormwater
Kevin Risch, PE
Kevin Risch, PEProject Manager/Municipal Engineer, Wisconsin
Transportation, Municipal
Keary Roberts, PE
Keary Roberts, PEConstruction Engineering Team Leader, Illinois
Sam Robertson, PE, CFM
Sam Robertson, PE, CFMCivil/Environmental Team Leader, Central Indiana
Civil, Environmental
Anne Shaw
Anne ShawEnvironmental Specialist
Environmental + Cultural,
Section 106 Compliance Specialist
Christel Simonis, CCST
Christel Simonis, CCSTInstrumentation & Controls Technician
Controls, Electrical
Seth Swartz, CPA
Seth Swartz, CPAChief Financial Officer (CFO)
Diane Thoune, PE
Diane Thoune, PEProject Engineer
Wastewater, Drinking Water, Stormwater, Municipal
Heath Titzer, PE, PLS
Heath Titzer, PE, PLSSouthern Indiana Area Manager
Eric VonHoven
Eric VonHovenConstruction Team Leader, Indiana
Tonia Westphal, PE, LEED AP
Tonia Westphal, PE, LEED APNorthern Wisconsin Area Manager
Power & Energy, Municipal,
Board of Directors
Sean Widener, PE, PTOE
Sean Widener, PE, PTOECentral Illinois Area Manager, Treasurer
Transportation, Municipal,
Board of Directors
Lisa Zahrt, PE, LEED AP
Lisa Zahrt, PE, LEED APMechanical/Electrical Team Leader, Wisconsin
Mechanical, Electrical
Paul Zouski, PE
Paul Zouski, PESenior Engineer
NFPA 70E Compliance Specialist

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