Scott Drabicki, PE

Civil/Environmental Team Leader, Northern Illinois

Scott joined Clark Dietz bringing 19 years of municipal engineering experience in northern Illinois to our team. In the municipal sector, Scott has gained a breadth of engineering experience including roadway rehabilitation, drainage, wet utilities, and facility maintenance. His non-engineering experience in that role includes emergency flood response, public outreach, capital planning/budgeting, corralling roaming livestock, and generally stepping up anytime someone is scratching their head with a problem.

Scott has a straightforward approach to municipal engineering to identify the project’s goals and efficiently work to achieve them. Scott values that municipalities are stewards of taxpayer dollars and improvements should be robust and long-lasting. You will frequently hear him say “do it right or do it again.”

Outside of work Scott is proud of his piston count and can often be found maintaining a small fleet of vehicles and engine powered yard implements that no normal homeowner needs. Scott is an avid beekeeper and regularly teaches the hobby to newcomers in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

“Beekeeping is a great stress reliever. When I open a hive with 50,000 stinging bugs inside, I find it difficult to worry about pretty much anything else in the world at that moment.”