Thomas Foley, PE

Civil/Environmental Team Leader, Southern Wisconsin

Mr. Foley is an integral part of Clark Dietz’s wastewater design team. Specializing in wastewater engineering, he monitors every detail throughout the planning and design processes to produce efficient, well executed designs. During the design process, Tom strives to maximize energy efficiencies and system capacity to ensure long term sustainable improvements. The variety of experiences Mr. Foley brings comes from first hand interaction with treatment plants, operators, and industry professionals from around the globe.

Through organizations like CSWEA, WWOA, and AWWA, Mr. Foley strives to discover new perspectives and share the projects and ideas that can change the way we approach wastewater treatment. By considering new viewpoints, Tom’s passion for idea sharing tackles old problems. The wastewater industry presents incredible opportunities for energy production and resource recovery. His goal is to expand the dialogue surrounding these opportunities to make water and wastewater a focal point for communities.