Nirav Patel, PE

Northern Illinois Area Manager

“I feel a personal responsibility to maximize energy efficiency for the benefit of the client and the environment.”

Mr. Patel is experienced in the design of HVAC, plumbing and fire suppression systems in educational, commercial, industrial and residential applications, including load calculation, review of ventilation requirements for code compliance, selection/coordination of equipment, hydraulic pressure calculations, and preparation of drawings and specifications. Nirav understands that real solutions come from understanding the client’s needs. He works closely with his clients to assess the existing building spaces, their use and contents, type of occupants, and the infrastructure that supports them. Understanding that each building has its own set of conditions, he leads his team with this context sensitive approach, to ensure a proper environment for the project at the lowest intrusion to occupants.

Nirav is guided by a single mission – to maximize building performance while minimizing the environmental footprint. From single back-up generators to full HVAC, plumbing, and life safety systems, he incorporates sustainable, energy efficient solutions into his designs. The end result is long term savings for his clients and responsible stewardship for our planet’s resources.