Sean Marzano, SE, PE

Structural Engineer

Sean has more than 20 years of experience providing technical leadership for a variety of projects including building, industrial and transportation structures. He has managed interstate highway bridge projects and structural design of wastewater treatment facilities. Design experience in transportation projects includes plate girders bridges with flares and curves, precast girder bridges, bridges in high seismic areas, three-sided structures, culverts, low water crossings, and various permanent retailing walls including soldier pile walls with tie-backs. Water and wastewater projects have included high capacity lift stations, multicell biofiltration building, orbital tanks, million gallon buried storage tank, and tunnel junction structures. His design projects have included industrial facilities for LNG storage, grain storage and processing, ethanol production, mineral sampling, and rail car loading stations. Besides design and analysis, Sean has performed on-site resident engineering, hands-on structural inspections, peer reviews, and permit applications for dams and bridges.

Sean studied structural and geotechnical engineering at the University of Illinois where he earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees. He is a licensed structural engineer in Illinois and a professional engineer in several other states. He enjoys diving into a variety of unique projects involving existing infrastructure as these often require novel solutions. Although new structures have their place, Sean especially finds rehabilitation projects rewarding because existing structures are renewed for many more years of service for better value.

Outside the office, Sean offers his engineering skills to a variety of non-profit work. He has worked on projects in China, Costa Rica and Uganda among others providing technical guidance. For several years Sean served as a technical advisor at the University of Illinois for an engineering class engaged in a bridge project in a remote area of China. He regularly met with the class, provided technical guidance on the bridge design and traveled to the project site to assess the existing conditions. Through having lived in China, he was able to serve as liaison for students at partner universities in China. When not working, Sean enjoys coaching his son’s soccer team, assisting international students, and playing outdoor tennis when the ground thaws.