When designing a roadway, we carefully consider the direct and indirect impacts on the environment, the economy and the public. Community sensitive infrastructure capable of meeting current and future needs is essential as communities change. Keeping sustainable design in mind, we strive to balance everyday needs with economic and environmental concerns. Our partnerships with local, county, and state governments assist us in moving infrastructure improvement efforts forward, enhancing quality of life. We maximize our efforts of every engineering aspect in roadway planning, design, and construction observation while minimizing disruption to people and the environment.

Walkable, livable communities are in high demand and driving urban revitalization efforts across the country. Whether focusing on a neighborhood, or downtown district, success hinges on people working together. At Clark Dietz, we bring together municipal and community stakeholders to share perspectives and set the stage for success. The resulting solutions balance smart street design and aesthetic appeal to create vibrant public spaces that are environmentally friendly and enhance the community brand.

We provide:

  • Landscaping/streetscaping
  • Sustainable drainage
  • Stakeholder input/community outreach
  • Master plans
  • Multi-modal design
  • Traffic calming
  • Street lighting
  • Parking alternatives
  • Funding assistance

Life in motion. Our nation’s highways and interstates are an indispensable part of our daily lives. Providing safe and efficient transportation of goods and people, they are the lifeblood behind the economic and social health of our nation. Clark Dietz works in partnership with state, county, and local governments, to design and build highway improvements that enhance quality of life. Collaboration with stakeholders ensures all perspectives are considered. The resulting solutions align with stakeholder and agency needs and minimize environmental impact.

We provide:

  • Context Sensitive Solutions/design
  • Public involvement
  • Feasibility studies
  • Corridor studies
  • Highway design
  • Interchange/intersections
  • Environmental documents
  • Sustainability

Transportation planners and engineers are revisiting the efficiency, safety, and even the purpose of today’s roadways. Walkable, livable communities, roundabouts, complete streets, and sustainable stormwater drainage features now make up the transportation landscape and help connect people and places. Whether your needs are new construction or rehabilitation, our team of transportation engineers specializes in creating functional, efficient, and safe local and county roadways that enhance community appeal and protect the natural environment.

We provide:

  • Traffic counts
  • Capacity analysis
  • Impact studies
  • Accident analysis
  • Trip generation
  • Roundabouts
  • Traffic signals

Integrity is behind everything we do. Proper structural and bridge design is paramount to bridge safety and a responsibility our bridge engineering professionals pride themselves on. From state, county, and local highway and pedestrian bridge design to NBIS bridge inspection, our staff has decades of practical experience. We balance form, function, and sustainability to deliver constructible designs meeting our client’s needs, and putting safety first.

We provide:

  • Inspections
  • Rating analysis
  • Condition reports
  • Structural design
  • Type, size, and location determination
  • Shop drawing review

Transportation Leaders

Stacie Dovalovsky
Stacie DovalovskyOakbrook Terrace, IL
Trevor Mills
Trevor MillsIndianapolis, IN
Kevin Risch
Kevin RischKenosha, WI

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