John Boldt - Clark Dietz Engineers

John I. Boldt, PE

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Boldt is the driving force behind our commitment to our clients and engineering quality of life. John joined Clark Dietz in 1994 and is a registered professional engineer in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. He oversees the strategic direction of Clark Dietz as well as business development and the firm’s Power and Energy sector. Throughout his 40+ years of service, John has earned the trust of countless municipalities based on his integrity, sound designs, and unwavering commitment to his clients. He has served as Chairman of ACEC-WI and as a National Director of ACEC. Extending his commitment beyond the boardroom, John has made several trips to Guatemala with Wisconsin Water for the World.

Chip Craddock - Clark Dietz Engineers

Charles E. Craddock, PE

CEO / President

Mr. Craddock leads our operations, providing leadership and guidance in the areas of project, business, and financial management. Through his grassroots approach, he seeks to optimize operational efficiencies to continually improve our organization’s financial health and ability to best serve our clients. Charles “Chip” joined Clark Dietz in 1994. He is a professional registered engineer and master electrician with over 30 years of experience in the construction and consulting engineering industry. Over the years, Chip’s role has evolved from staff engineer to Chief Electrical Engineer, to serving on our Board of Directors, to his current capacity as President and Chief Operations Officer. He is currently serving as the National Director of ACEC – Illinois.

Jerry Payonk - Clark Dietz Engineers

Jerald T. Payonk, PE

Executive Vice President / Director of Engineering

Mr. Payonk has a long and rooted history with Clark Dietz, joining our firm in 1990. As Director of Engineering, his goal is to sustain high performing engineering teams. He provides the resources, information, and motivation to allow every individual to continually increase their knowledge, performance, and value to our client base. Mr. Payonk is a registered professional engineer with 25 years in consulting engineering. Specializing in Transportation and Construction operations, Jerry brings a high level of technical expertise in every aspect of transportation engineering. He currently serves on our Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Jerry actively supports his local Chamber of Commerce and serves on the Risk Management Committee for ACEC-Illinois.

2020 Board of Directors

John Boldt
Chip Craddock
Jerry Payonk
Mustafa Emir
Jon Howaniec
Wes Christmas
Stacie Dovalovsky
Sean Widener
Kevin Hetrick
Tonia Speener