In 2023, Wes Christmas assumed the role of President and CEO of Clark Dietz. After one year of service in this role, we asked Wes to reflect on this career, his new position as firm-leader, and his goals for Clark Dietz. We’re looking forward to following along and contributing to his efforts to make Clark Dietz, as Wes puts it, “the best place to be.”


We’re proud of what we accomplished in 2023, and the Board of Directors offered Wes the following encouragement:

What leadership skills and style does Wes possess that benefitted Clark Dietz this past year?

“His leadership style is both transformative and empathetic with a strong desire for innovation and paying attention to the entire organization.”

“Wes brings a strong desire to make Clark Dietz a truly great place to work by focusing on some areas that have been given less emphasis in the past. He also has an intellectual curiosity that will serve the firm well and help us navigate the future.”

“Wes brings renewed energy to the Board, leading discussions and actions around leadership training, culture, and the engineering business as a whole. He not only has his eye on Clark Dietz, he also looks externally at markets, trends, and competition. His forward-thinking and more inclusive approach is what we need to take us into the future. He’s not afraid to try new things and put himself out there.”

“Wes is a strong advocate for necessary change in the company. He has a steady and calm demeanor, facilitating trust between the Board members. Wes has an approachability about him – eager to hear feedback and participate in discussion. His attention to detail and financial understanding gives him a unique ability to see and explain multiple perspectives, which helps him push us all forward in a unified direction for the company.”

What words of encouragement would you like to offer Wes?

“I would encourage Wes to continue listening, learning and most importantly, trusting his internal compass that has got him to where he is today.”

“Keep up the good work! First year as CEO has presented some unexpected challenges but you have navigated them well and we are starting 2024 in a great place.”

“Keep accessing the talents of the team you have in place here to support you. And remember that time spent on ideas, brainstorming and challenging each other is important work.”

“Wes– you are a natural leader with a strong drive to improve our already fantastic company, even through challenging situations. Trust in your ability and we will all succeed together.”