RS Engineering, LLC (RSE), was founded in 2003 in Michigan, by Robert D. Rayl, PE and Thomas D. Sereseroz, PE, with the mission to help clients achieve their infrastructure objectives while fostering long-term partnerships and empowering professionals in their performance. Entering the Clark Dietz family, RS Engineering, LLC, a Clark Dietz Company, will continue to provide quality services dedicated to its long-standing client base, before fully adopting the Clark Dietz brand and moniker at a future date.

While our collective organization has grown, Bob Rayl and Tom Sereseroz will remain leaders within the organization and continue to focus on technically excellent and cost-effective solutions for our clients served by our existing Michigan office locations. We’re excited to introduce Bob and Tom and give you a bit of insight into their personalities— If you already call them friends, is there anything you’re learning about them for the first time?!

Bob Rayl
Alma Mater: Michigan State University
Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
My Inspiration: My parents. They worked hard their entire lives to provide for their family.
Vacation Spot: Florida Gulf Coast
What am I Watching/Reading? Peaky Blinders, the Curse of Oak Island (digging to nowhere)
If I wasn’t an Engineer… I would probably be a Computer Programmer or a starving musician.

Tom Sereseroz
Alma Mater: Michigan State University
Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Masters of Science in Civil Engineering (Emphasis Structural Engineering).
My Inspiration: My Grandparents, especially my Great Grandma who I spent a lot of time with when I was young. She was such a strong and confident woman! They’ve passed, but my parents, two children TJ and Vienne, and girlfriend Shannon keep me inspired!
Vacation Spot: I’d say Costa Rica, Pura Vida!
What am I Watching/Reading? Reading or viewing this AASHTO Manual for the Service Life Design of Highway Bridges! Watching my girlfriend’s son play high school baseball and the series Halo.
If I wasn’t an Engineer… I would be a movie actor, that would be cool! Otherwise, I would end up as a professor in structural engineering.

bob rayl and tom sereseroz standing together

Why are you excited about joining the Clark Dietz Family?

Bob: Joining Clark Dietz provides more opportunities for our staff to grow professionally and expand our services to other geographic markets. As a combined firm, we are also excited to offer additional services to our current clients.

Tom: As one company, I truly believe we will elevate the standard of service we provide. Our collective firm gains invaluable resources, enhanced capacity, and I look forward to continuing and merging the positive culture of our firms.

What infrastructure opportunities do you see Michigan Communities?

Bob: Continuing our Transportation, Traffic, Construction and Structural Engineering services on MDOT and County Highway projects with access to more resources will be key. The most significant opportunities will be working with new local agencies or private clients to provide Water / Wastewater, Environmental, Municipal, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering services.

Tom: Initially, building relationships with the communities where our Michigan offices are located and also where remote staff reside.  Additionally, building on relationships, like the counties and cities that we’re currently performing infrastructure design services.

How do you define Engineering Quality of Life?

Bob: Providing sustainable and resilient infrastructure solutions that improve health and safety while maximizing convenience at a reasonable cost to the public.

Tom: Using engineering principles and technologies to enhance our world, the well-being of people and all around us. It involves designing solutions that improve various aspects of daily life, such as infrastructure, healthcare, transportation, communication, and environmental sustainability.

What toppings should NEVER be on Pizza?

Bob: Chocolate

Tom: Fungus (Mushrooms)

Tell us about your first impressions when getting to know Clark Dietz.

Bob: The similarity of culture and employee satisfaction was very important. The broad range of service offerings and diversity of clients was in alignment with our vision for the future of RS Engineering. As we learned more, it was uncanny how well both organizations meshed on paper. The executive team was very understanding, flexible, and open during the process. This helped to maintain our interest in joining the Clark Dietz Family.

Tom: My first impressions of the Clark Dietz leaders were very positive. We met with Wes, Jerry, Mustafa, and Seth. They talked about Clark Dietz and we talked about RS Engineering. A lot about Clark Dietz was in line with RSE, especially the culture and the great people we work with. This led to some research about each other and more positive meetings and here we are today!

What advice do you have for young engineering professionals?


  • While in college, work as an intern to gain a better understanding of the work environment.
  • Before or shortly after graduation, take and pass the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam. The longer this is delayed, the harder it is to pass it once life gets in the way.
  • For a first job out of college, seek out firms that can offer a range of experiences in different disciplines of Civil Engineering. Most graduates do not know exactly which disciplines they would like to focus on and could get stuck in one area they may not like for the rest of their career.
  • When learning new tasks, do not be afraid to ask questions. Don’t spin wheels too long, which wastes time.
  • A college degree shows one’s ability to learn complex subjects. Most of our profession is learned on the job. Be coachable, seek to acquire new skills, learn from mistakes, and take on more responsibility as appropriate.
  • Don’t sacrifice technical mastery in search of management roles. Good leaders need to “walk the walk” and “talk the talk”. Making the sale with a client may get the first project. Delivering quality projects consistently will lead to many more opportunities and a stronger relationship.
  • Marketing staff are our friends. They challenge us to think differently and help us to express the complex things we do in a more relatable and understandable way.


  • Get involved with after work activities, join a team, with coworkers or even clients. Get to know your coworkers and clients. Some of my best friends are from a basketball league and a golf league that I’m in.
  • Learn to respond in a timely matter, to your supervisor or clients or whoever. If you’re not going to complete a task on time, don’t be afraid to ask for more time. Especially if you must deal with a personal situation.
  • Take note of the tasks you enjoy doing and build on these, they will help you get through the tasks that are less enjoyable.
  • Use sunscreen!