Clark Dietz’s expansion of the East Wastewater Treatment Plant project in Evansville, IN, was honored by the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC)’s Engineering Excellence Awards (EEA), winning a National Recognition Award, as well as ACEC Indiana’s Honor Award.

As commissioned by the Evansville Water and Sewer Utility (EWSU), the expansion of the East Wastewater Treatment Plant boosted the plant’s capacity from 22.5 MGD to 40 MGD.

“Clark Dietz has been an invaluable partner throughout the project’s development,” said Lane T. Young, Executive Director – EWSU. “[The project team’s] dedication and expertise were instrumental in every stage, from the initial engineering design and PER development to assisting in the funding procurement. Subsequently, Clark Dietz’s meticulous final design and comprehensive oversight as EWSU’s representative during the expansion construction have earned Clark Dietz our utmost trust and respect.”

This upgraded East Wastewater Treatment Plant stands as a reliable and efficient treatment system, effectively meeting the needs of the Evansville community. Essential upgrades were incorporated, including a UV disinfection system, primary sludge degritting process, site-wide electrical and communications improvements, as well as a pioneering Biological Aeration Filter (BAF) featuring adjoining office facilities.

The compact BAF process combines biological treatment and filtering, ideal for the limited space at the East plant. The primary sludge degritting process enhances solids content in digesters, improving solids destruction and reducing digester cleaning costs. The Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS) distribution channel optimizes clarifier performance, allowing flexibility during varying flow scenarios and maintaining optimal clarification system rates.

The BAF structure, a central element in the expansion, offers a sustainable and cost-efficient solution for augmenting wastewater treatment capacity. Noteworthy for its innovative design, the BAF structure includes a viewing area from the public space to the process pipe gallery, enhancing educational opportunities within the facility.

These integrated systems collectively ensure the East WWTP minimizes the number of combined sewer overflow events and discharges the highest quality treated water to the Ohio River, demonstrating a commitment to advanced engineering practices and environmental responsibility.

Clark Dietz's Wes Christmas and Jerry Payonk accept ACEC National's Honor Award for the Evansville East Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion Project