As we embark on the promising journey of a new year, we are thrilled to share the remarkable achievements of our dedicated team at Clark Dietz. The steadfast dedication and tireless efforts of our staff promises to lead us to new achievements and continued success in 2024. In celebration of their outstanding contributions, we are delighted to announce well-deserved promotions within our ranks.

“Recognizing the remarkable efforts of our team throughout the preceding year, I take great pride in their unwavering commitment to making 2023 one of Clark Dietz’s most outstanding years on record. The individuals receiving well-deserved promotions exemplify the enduring commitment to the core values upheld at Clark Dietz. My heartfelt congratulations extend to the entire team, applauding the unwavering dedication that has paved the way for advancements and accomplishments in 2024,” expressed Jon Howaniec, SHRM-CP, Vice President, and HR Director.

In honor of their hard work, we asked our staff to consider the year’s accomplishments and reflect on their engineering careers:

What were you proud of in 2023?

“The accomplishment that I’m definitely most proud of is becoming the Client Liaison for New Albany, being one of Clark Dietz’s primary clients. Between managing the City’s Annual Paving Program (including assisting the City with INDOT’s Community Crossings Matching Grant application) and managing our Board of Works On-Call contract, I’ve definitely been able to develop personable relationships with several key City employees.” – Nick Pierce, PE

“I’m happy that the City of Wausau’s 48th Avenue Interceptor Sewer was constructed this year.  The project took over two years of coordination with the electric utility, a communications company, and three different railroads to complete construction of the replacement sewer within a railroad easement adjacent to the tracks.  With a solid set of bidding documents, the work was completed in one month.” – Diane Thune, PE

Looking back on your career, what decisions have you made that you feel positively about?

“Back in 2011 when I started at Clark Dietz, I wasn’t sure what that would mean from me. After working in an industrial setting as a maintenance electrical and instrumentation journeyman, I had never worked on “this side” of the industry and was unaware of how rewarding this job would be. I have grown to understand the many facets that make for a successful project and the importance of each of them. I truly enjoy taking a project from an idea, through the engineering process, and seeing it transpire into a real-world solution. I am so thankful that my career path led me here to experience tremendous professional growth while finding amazing coworkers to enjoy the ride with!” – Christel Simonis, CCST

“In the last couple of years, deciding to join the Clark Dietz team has really helped me grow both professionally and personally in ways I didn’t think were possible. Ultimately, the decision to make a career change for the overall betterment of myself has greatly paid off. Another key decision has been forcing myself to get out of the shell I was ‘staying safe’ in for several years and asking myself why am I holding back and stopping myself here, when the door is wide open to greater opportunities.” – Nick Pierce, PE

“I’ve seen a number of my friends from college abandon their engineering careers. Even though it hasn’t always been easy, I’m grateful I made the decision to stick with it. It’s nice when perseverance and hard work are rewarded.” – Lisa Zahrt, PE

Please join us in congratulating the following staff on their promotions to new roles or grades:

  • Alex Douglas – Engineering Technician II
  • Adam Long – Engineering Technician III
  • Christel Simonis – Sr. Engineering Technician IV
  • Devin Carlson – Sr. Engineering Technician IV
  • Alec Field – Staff Engineer II
  • Nick Pierce – Project Engineer IV
  • Greg Schanen – Project Engineer IV
  • Diane Thoune – Team Leader N. WI CE & Sr. Engineer V
  • Tom Foley – Team Leader S. WI CE & Sr. Engineer V
  • Aaron Poster – Team Leader S. WI CN & Sr. Engineer V
  • Keary Roberts – Team Leader C. IL CN & Sr. Engineer V
  • Patrick Delp – Team Leader C. IN TR & Sr. Engineer VI
  • Adam Groves – Team Leader C. IL TR & Sr. Engineer VI
  • Lisa Zahrt – Team Leader N. WI ME & Sr. Engineer VI
  • Emily Basalla – WI Regional Director & Sr. Engineer VII
  • Mustafa Emir – EVP Marketing & Business Development & Sr. Consultant VIII

Congratulations to all!