Clark Dietz is proud to be at the forefront of the infrastructure improvements along I-80, focusing on critical enhancements at Wheeler Avenue and River Road. These projects are designed to improve traffic flow, enhance safety, and prepare for the future expansion of the I-80 corridor.

Wheeler Avenue Bridge

Our team is providing comprehensive construction inspection services for the full replacement of the Wheeler Avenue Bridge. This project encompassed:

  • Bridge Replacement: The new bridge features 11-foot lanes, 5-foot shoulders, 5-foot sidewalks, and a 12-foot turn lane, all supported by 45-inch web plate girders. The total length of the bridge is 245 feet.
  • Additional Enhancements: Installation of fence railing, drainage systems, pavement reconstruction, sidewalk and ADA ramp construction, guardrail replacement, and storm sewer implementation.
  • Traffic Management: Detouring of traffic to the north and south of the structure to ensure smooth traffic flow during construction.
  • Final Touches: Erosion control and final landscaping to complete the project aesthetically and functionally.

This project is crucial for the anticipated I-80 mainline expansions. By replacing the existing bridge, which currently consists of two abutments and three piers that conflict with the proposed widening, with a single center pier supported by metal piles, we are ensuring minimal disruption to future projects. The Wheeler Avenue bridge is substantially completed as shown in the images below:

River Road Bridge

Similarly, the River Road Bridge is undergoing a full replacement to accommodate future I-80 widening projects. Key aspects of this project include:

  • Bridge Replacement: The new bridge will support 11-foot lanes, 4-foot shoulders, and a 10-foot multi-use path on the east side. It will be constructed atop 40-inch web plate girders and will span 234 feet.
  • Structural Enhancements: A soldier pile retaining wall will be constructed to support the roadway as it approaches I-80, accommodating the large grade change and the multi-use path.
  • Additional Work: Similar to the Wheeler Avenue project, this includes pavement reconstruction, shoulder construction, guardrail replacement, storm sewer installation, erosion control, and final landscaping.
  • Traffic Management: Efficient detouring of traffic to minimize disruptions during the construction phase.

This project involves working around high-pressure gas lines, necessitating careful coordination and collaboration. Our team has been proactive in managing submittal reviews, crossing applications, heavy equipment crossing information, plan reviews, and field meetings to ensure smooth progress. The River Road bridge is scheduled for substantial completion anticipated around Fall 2024.

Project Status Update – June 2024

  • Wheeler Avenue: We anticipate completing the punch list summer 2024 and the overall closeout by fall 2024.
  • River Road: Approximately 50% complete, the River Road bridge project is progressing well and is expected to be finished by the end of this year. Managing both projects concurrently has proven to be efficient and effective. Check out our photographs the overnight beam-erection completed in May:

I80 at River Road

Clark Dietz remains committed to delivering these vital infrastructure projects with the highest standards of quality and efficiency, ensuring that the I-80 corridor is prepared for future demands and growth. We are proud to contribute to the enhancement of State infrastructure and look forward to the successful completion of these projects.