The Campus to Commons Trail Connectivity Study, an ambitious project to link the Meadowthorpe neighborhood of Lexington, KY with the University of Kentucky campus, is nearing a significant milestone. The City of Lexington, in partnership with the Lexington Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and the University of Kentucky (UK), is set to approve the final Study deliverable developed by Clark Dietz.

This crucial north-south corridor, intersecting with the Town Branch Trail, is part of Lexington’s Recommended Bikeway Network. Currently, the bicycle facilities along this route are inadequate, lacking the necessary protection for major bikeways and sufficient sidewalks for the high pedestrian traffic. Recognizing these deficiencies, the City initiated the study to explore the feasibility of a separated, multiuse trail along Virginia Avenue, Red Mile Road, and South Forbes Road.

Clark Dietz has been at the forefront of this initiative, leading the corridor study and coordinating with two subconsultants. The comprehensive study involved four key tasks: identifying a preferred trail alignment, recommending roadway and traffic-related improvements, developing cost estimates for these enhancements, and conducting extensive public outreach. The public’s input was integral, with nearly 500 survey responses guiding the proposed improvements.

A hallmark of the study was its engagement with diverse community groups through a dedicated project website, meetings with neighborhood associations, and public surveys. Clark Dietz’s efforts have culminated in developing feasible options for protected bicycle facilities and safer pedestrian connections. The final deliverable, a phasing plan to implement the trail, marks a significant step forward in enhancing Lexington’s bikeway network and pedestrian infrastructure.

For more details on the Campus to Commons Trail Connectivity Study, visit Campus to Commons.