Wausau Main Fire Station

Wausau, WI

Clark Dietz provided design and construction phase services including mechanical, electrical, civil, plumbing and fire protection for a new approximately 15,000 square foot fire station for the City of Wausau. Our services included:


  • Site grading design and erosion control plan.
  • New utility routings for storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water extensions.
  • Storm water management plan for permitting for off-site detention/retention.


  • Roof-top unit with VAV system with various zones for thermal comfort.
  • In-floor radiant heat for apparatus bays and building perimeter.
  • Hot water reheat system with lead-lag high efficiency condensing boilers.
  • Apparatus bay ventilation system with make-up air unit, exhaust fan that is controlled with CO and NO2 sensors.
  • Storage room and restroom exhaust systems throughout building.
  • Natural gas piping system for various loads throughout the building.
  • Compressed air system for building needs.
  • Compressed air fill system for breathing air module.


  • Site lighting and interior/exterior building lighting.
  • Electrical distribution service including natural gas generator.
  • Coordination of services with electrical utility.
  • Design for low voltage systems including telecom, card access, camera and alert systems.
  • Fire alarm system.


  • Gas fired water heaters.
  • Apparatus bay drainage system with trench drains.
  • Domestic water, sanitary and vent system distribution for multiple restrooms and fixtures throughout the building.

Fire Protection

  • Building wide sprinkler system.
  • Water service and separation as indicated by City codes.

Wausau Main Fire Station