Water Supply Improvements Conceptual Design

Mount Vernon, IN

Clark Dietz developed a conceptual design report and preliminary design drawings for water supply improvements (expansion) of the Mount Vernon water treatment plant from 4 MGD to 6 MGD. The recommended improvements included:

  • Demolition of the existing raw intake equipment and installation of two 18-inch intake pipes with screening assemblies and two chemical feed lines, raw water intake structure with pumps, controls, electrical gear, chemical system, electrical building, and a 20-inch raw water line.
  • Addition of a new 2 MGD treatment train consisting of two flocculation tanks and mixers, one Lamella plate settler, one receiving tank, a 12-inch raw water influent line, a 6-inch backwash recycle to the treatment train, and filter transfer pump.
  • Addition of two new Siemens Trident Filters, new filter building, internal and external connections to pretreated water, backwash supply water and treated water, air, backwash waste and recycle.
  • No modifications were required to clear well and chlorination.
  • Addition of four 2 MGD pumps with VFDs and piping modifications.
  • Addition of a 1.0 MG ground storage reservoir and interconnecting piping and valves.
  • No additional chemical capacity or storage was required.
  • Additional water main extensions and replacements are needed as determined through modeling of the water distribution system with the latest data and increased water usage.

Water Supply Improvements