Water Plant Preliminary Engineering

Greenville, IL

Water Plant Preliminary Engineering

The City of Greenville had a surface water treatment plant built in 1969 as a softening, clarification, and filtration plant. Upgrades in 1991 replaced the traditional clarifiers with Claricones and upgraded some of the chemical systems. As of 2016 however, much of the plant, including the filters, intake and high service pumps, and electrical and some control systems remain original to the 1969 construction. Further, though rated at 3.0 MGD, it could not actually produce that volume of water for any sustained period. Clark Dietz was retained to perform a complete review, including: water demand, hydraulics, chemical systems, structures, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems.

With the insights gained during the plant evaluations, calculations, and discussions with manufacturers, Clark Dietz analyzed several different alternatives for Greenville to upgrade its water treatment facilities to provide safe, high-quality water to residents and industrial users.

The upgrade alternatives that were developed fall into the following three categories, with several sub-categories which offer some variations:

  • Upgrade with 3.0 MGD Flow Rate
  • Upgrade and Expand to 5.2 MGD, Treatment Type Unchanged
  • Upgrade and Expand to 5.2 MGD, New Treatment Plant

Clark Dietz developed probable construction costs and a performed a comprehensive review of the advantages and drawbacks of each alternative.