Copper Lake School Security Upgrade

Irma, WI

At Copper Lake School for Girls, safety of campus inmates, visitors, and Department of Correction’s (DOC) staff are of the highest priority. Strengthening security at the Health Services Unit (HSU) and Access Control Building (ACB) were identified as areas needing improvement. Prior to designing, Clark Dietz worked closely with the DOC staff and security director to understand the campus “blind spots” and those areas that posed the greatest security threat. The resulting design provided viewing coverage of the grounds, vehicles entering or existing the sally port gate, and activity in the interior building through the installation of strategically located IP cameras. Quick access for emergency vehicles was efficiently managed through control of the sally port gate through either the control panel in the ACB or central command. Campus wide communication of security and emergency information was facilitated with a fiber optic network. The resulting solution provided a comprehensive design that works seamlessly with daily operations to monitor, communicate, and quickly respond to security situations.

Copper Lake School