Life Safety Improvements, Finish Upgrades and AC Installation

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL

Snyder Hall is part of the Peabody Drive residence halls, built in 1961. This is a four-story building with a basement and approximately 90,000 SF. This project provided for the design of life safety improvements and finish upgrades in a student residence hall.

Life Safety Improvements

Improvements include:

  • New sprinkler system in accordance with the requirements of the Fire Sprinkler Dormitory Act
  • New hose connections for converting the existing standpipe system to a manual wet standpipe system
  • Additional fire alarm horns and strobes in the student rooms
  • Expansion of the existing fire alarm system to support the new sprinkler system and fire alarm devices
  • New soffits to house the sprinkler piping and fire alarm conduits
  • Finish upgrades, including new flooring in the corridors and lobbies and painting of all student rooms and corridors
  • New window air conditioning units in each student and study room
  • New power distribution system consisting of two transformers, eight panelboards, circuit breakers, branch circuit wiring and receptacles to support the new window air conditioners