Jacksonville WTP Construction

Jacksonville, IL

The City of Jacksonville built a new 8 MGD water treatment facility near the original plant to provide a more reliable source of water to the City and surrounding communities. The new plant consists of a 16,000 SF building which houses the high service pumps, filtration, chemical feed, office and administrative areas, lab, and an electrical/mechanical room. Clark Dietz provided construction phase services for the electrical, controls, mechanical, and plumbing systems at the new facility.

Water Treatment Facility

Electrical Systems

  • New 480/277 volt, 3 phase, 4 wire service
  • Diesel fueled standby generator to serve the entire facility, connected to the distribution system via an automatic transfer switch
  • Power distribution system to feed process equipment, pumps, lighting, and control systems
  • Site and interior building lighting and lighting control systems with occupancy sensors
  • Electrical connections for HVAC equipment
  • Conduit path for security, telephone, and data systems.

Mechanical Systems

  • Heating and air conditioning for plant offices, restrooms, shower rooms, meeting rooms, storage areas, laboratory/control room, and electrical rooms that house variable speed pumps
  • Heating and ventilation for high service pump room, chemical storage rooms, filter rooms, electrical rooms where variable speed pumps are not housed, and rooms for water treatment processes

Plumbing Systems

  • Restroom fixtures (toilets, lavatories, drinking fountains, showers)
  • Utility fixtures (mop sinks, hose bibbs, floor drains, hub drains)
  • Safety fixtures (emergency eye wash stations and emergency showers)
  • Domestic water heaters
  • Hot water, cold water, sanitary and vent piping systems
  • Gas piping systems for building heat appliances, domestic water heat, or process loads

Controls Systems