Water Main Improvements

Harwood Heights, IL

The Village contracted Clark Dietz to design and oversee construction of the first large scale capital improvement water project since installation of the system in the 1960s. Clark Dietz helped secure Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) State Revolving Load Funds (SRF) to fund these improvements. The project included design of 6,000 feet of water main (ranging from 4-inch to 12-inch), 59 water service taps, nighttime shutdowns of several major roadways, and storm/sanitary sewer improvements, and roadway improvements.

During design, Clark Dietz contracted geotechnical investigations at numerous locations throughout the project areas to determine the properties of the soil for purposes of horizontal directional drilling and to locate potential contaminated soils. Within the scope of this project Clark Dietz updated the Village’s Water CAD model to ensure the correct size water mains were being designed for the replacement. Work also included the negotiation of permanent and temporary easements for the water main installation.

Permits obtained by Clark Dietz for this project included two IEPA permits (operating and NOI), a Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) permit, a City of Chicago permit, and two Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) permits (utility and highway).

Water Main Improvements