UIUC Huff Hall and Armory Life Safety Corrections

Urbana-Champaign, IL

The UIUC Huff Hall and Armory Life Safety Corrections project corrected life safety deficiencies identified in a 2001 life safety assessment. Special consideration for construction sequencing and coordination was required to allow the buildings to remain occupied during construction and to preserve the historic significance of the buildings. Both buildings are potentially eligible for NRHP status, so critical measures were taken to locate piping and conduits in areas not visible to end users.

Huff Hall

  • Upgrade of existing Siemens Cerberus MXL fire alarm system for full code compliance (including providing a voice evacuation system in the gymnasium),
  • Install a sprinkler system throughout the basement, gymnasium, and all areas traversed by occupants in traveling to the exit discharge and enclosing the stairways in a fire rated enclosure.
  • Seal existing ventilation openings between the basement and the gymnasium with fire rated materials.
  • Provided emergency lighting system to permit safe egress from the building during a power outage. Also, extended the emergency power distribution system to meet this critical need.


  • Provided additional exit signage and refeeding selected existing light fixtures to provide emergency lighting in six classrooms on the third floor.
  • Provided a second means of egress from mezzanine level in the track area, enclosing existing exit stairs within fire rated enclosures, and fire stopping existing penetrations through fire rated assemblies.