Grit System Improvements

West Chicago, IL

Clark Dietz, Inc. was retained by the City of West Chicago to investigate alternatives for replacing their aged grit collector and conveying equipment. After investigating several alternatives, and in collaboration with the City, it was determined that due to cost and space constraints, the existing chain and bucket grit collector would be replaced in kind, and grit washing and bagging would be added to an upgraded conveyor. Requirements considered when investigating replacement equipment included more reliable materials, maintenance requirements, quality of grit, capacity to reduce the presence of unpleasant odors, and the ability to fit within the existing space and meet IEPA criteria.

Several improvements were also added to facilitate operations and maintenance including new lighting, new HVAC, improved drainage in operator areas, air valve and air flow meter grit aeration operational improvements, hydrogen sulfide monitoring for the existing odor control equipment to give operators a basis for carbon change-outs, structural improvements to deteriorated concrete decking, and protective coating in concrete channels to stop corrosion.