Urbana Park District’s Outdoor Municipal Pool

Urbana, IL

The Crystal Park Lake outdoor aquatic center is a public swimming facility that has a deep water pool, recreation pool and competition pool, and a number of active features for all ages. The grounds also include multiple slides, sand play, and toddler playing areas. The bathhouse facility includes ticketing area, office area, first aid rooms, lockers and shower spaces, and quick service station area.

Clark Dietz was part of an architect led team and provided electrical, site lighting, mechanical and building and site plumbing design; and construction phase services. The system designs included energy efficient instantaneous gas fired water heaters, pool heaters, chemical room ventilation systems, and control equipment. The pool area and the parking lot are equipped with high-efficiency LED luminaires with high/low dual level output drivers. The dual drivers allow all of the LED bars in each luminaire to be fully on during early evening hours and when the Anita Purves Nature Center is being used. Conversely, light levels are reduced for energy savings with only half of the LED bars on during late night and morning hours, providing adequate lighting for security. A computer network lighting control system is provided via the internet to allow for remote control of the parking lot lights from the Nature Center that shares the same parking lot.

Features include:

  • Bathhouse facilities for men and women equipped with automatic flush valves, faucets and water saving fixtures
  • Instantaneous gas fired energy efficient water heaters for bath houses
  • Pool water heaters interconnected with mechanical ventilation system
  • Restroom exhaust system that exceeds code requirements
  • Power systems for building lighting, pool equipment and site lighting
  • Energy efficient LED site lighting around pool and parking lot with off-site controls.

Crystal Park Lake