City Hall HVAC Control System Final Design

Rolling Meadows, IL

The existing HVAC system for this building was originally installed in 1987. Virtually from the beginning, the HVAC system underperformed the expectations of the building occupants. City staff experienced a wide range of HVAC problems including overheating, over cooling, excess humidity, and draftiness. Clark Dietz performed an HVAC system assessment to determine the cause of the problems.

The building is approximately 40,250 SF, consisting of three above ground floors and a basement. It houses City government offices such as Finance, City Clerk, Mayor, City Manager, Information Technology and Building Inspections. It also houses the Police Department and the City Council Chambers.

Evaluation of the existing HVAC system included the condition and operational issues specific to each space. This included:

  • Hot water boiler and piping system
  • Air conditioning chiller and piping system
  • Air handling units, ductwork and variable air volume boxes
  • Roof top air conditioning units including the IT server room
  • Exhaust fans and miscellaneous heating devices
  • Pneumatic control system
  • Interviews with key staff members.

Clark Dietz developed recommendations for improvements to the HVAC system, including a new web-based building automation system, ductwork revisions and fan motor replacements.

An existing packaged roof top air conditioner served the IT Server Room and the new computer room air conditioning system was installed while the existing roof top system is still in operation. The new system has electric reheat, infrared humidification, water leak detection, and high temperature alarms. The new unit will communicate with the new Building Automation System for control interface and alarm notification.