Manufacturing Plant Retrofit – Phase 1 and 2

Bridgeview, IL

This manufacturing plant retrofit project provided mechanical, electrical, and structural design as well as construction phase engineering services to convert a building from a heavy to light manufacturing. The project included updating plant heating and ventilation, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems. Power, natural gas, and compressed air were extended to owner installed manufacturing equipment. Structural modifications included equipment pads and modifications to wall and roof openings for a new dust collection system.

A new compressed air system with 100 horsepower compressors was installed along with distribution system. The facility uses ISO 8573:2010, Class 2.2.2 compressed air for pneumatic actuation of manufacturing equipment, spray painting and control functions. The system includes one operating and one stand-by compressor for 100% back-up capacity. The compressors are oil cooled positive displacement rotary screw design with variable speed drives. The air driers are desiccant tower type and also have 100% stand-by capacity. Wet and dry receivers, filters, traps, oil separators and a piping distribution system complete the system. The compressors were pre-purchased by the owner and a contractor was hired to install the associated piping.

Eight new makeup air units were added to provide ventilation air to the building. These units were used for positive pressurization of the building that had dust collection systems, and industrial ovens, spray paint systems. The makeup units were controlled by building pressure sensors. The dampers were controlled to operate in recirculation mode unless the makeup was necessary at which the dampers changed to outdoor air mode.

Modifications to existing sprinkler systems were provided, which included adding new zone for wet sprinkler system for extra hazard classification levels. The sprinkler system associated with dust collection system was also provided with pre-action system that had dual sensors. Another component of the fire sprinkler system was spark detection system prior to sending the air thru dust collector.

Manufacturing Plant Retrofit