College of Medicine Boiler and Chiller Replacement

Rockford, IL

Steam and chilled water for the Rockford campus buildings 843, 844, 845, 846 and 847 is supplied from a central plant and used for heating, domestic hot water, and cooling. Clark Dietz worked with the College of Medicine to develop a study and determine the actual scope of the project after analyzing the building load requirements.

Clark Dietz provided study, design, and construction phase services to support the boiler and chiller upgrades, including development of demolition plans; new equipment layout; modified piping system, temperature controls, exhaust ductwork and fans; review of electrical distribution system, power connections to new equipment, conduit, wire and supporting sections; and a phased construction sequence to minimize impacts on occupied spaces.

Project provisions:

  • Replacement of existing 100 HP boiler with new 220 HP steam generation style boiler with higher efficiencies.
  • Replacement of existing 290 ton chiller with a new 150 ton chiller.
  • Replacement of existing boiler feed system with new packaged boiler feed system with pumps and tanks.
  • Interconnection of new chilled water system to existing system, providing capacity for cooling back up of the entire campus.
  • New code compliant ventilation system and flue/stack for the boiler room.
  • New ventilation system operating based on refrigerant leak detection.
  • Interconnection of new boiler, chiller and feed system to existing BAS system via BACnet.
  • Replacement of condensate drain pumps and interconnection to the existing BAS system.
  • Construction of new boiler room and chiller room in existing garage and mechanical spaces.

Architectural improvements included painting, fireproofing, epoxy flooring, and doors and hardware improvements as required to construct new rooms.