Congrats to our Senior Engineer Megan McDonald, P.E., LEED AP for receiving the Young Civil Engineer of the Year Award given by ASCE Illinois Section. Megan has over 12 years professional experience with highway planning and design, multi-use trail design, and intersection design studies. Megan’s Phase I experience includes public involvement, crash analysis, traffic capacity, and feasibility analysis, staging and maintenance of traffic planning, and NEPA documentation. Her Phase II experience has been with roadway and intersection geometry.

Currently, she is the incoming President-Elect for the Illinois Section after being actively involved with ASCE for over a decade. Ms. McDonald is grateful for the award and the opportunities ASCE has given her over the years. She continues to work with a variety of clients and projects within Illinois.

Clark Dietz staff accepted the award on her behalf.

Clark Dietz staff at the 2018 ASCE Illinois Section Annual Awards Dinner for Megan McDonald, P.E., LEED AP, who received the Young Civil Engineer of the Year Award

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