Imagine a world where drinking from our local streams could be a daily ritual—clean, accessible, and pollutant-free.

At Clark Dietz, in collaboration with White River Alliance (WRA), we’re taking steps towards this vision by investigating the water quality of two streams near our Indianapolis office.

RAFT Program Goals

Our partnership extends to WRA’s River Assessment Field Team (RAFT) volunteer program, launched in 2022. The RAFT program aims to identify sources of pollutants in the tributaries of the White River, providing quarterly data for selected sampling locations.

As Civil Engineers, we recognize our civic duty to ensure clean, affordable, and accessible drinking water for all citizens. The prospect of pristine streams in our backyards not only offers affordable water sources but also opens doors to safe, accessible food in the form of aquatic life.

Utilizing RAFT’s data, we aim to advocate for Indiana communities by presenting insights to municipalities and stakeholders. This proactive approach addresses water quality issues at their source, potentially saving costs on treatment facilities while enhancing communities along the White River.

The White River, classified as impaired by the EPA, serves as a crucial water source for 2/3rd of Hoosiers. By understanding and addressing water quality issues, we contribute to the well-being of countless communities along this vital lifeline.

What It Means To Us: Giving Back

At Clark Dietz, our commitment is unwavering. We’re determined to uncover the what, why, and where of water quality issues in our communities. Volunteering with WRA provides us with a unique opportunity to be advocates for water quality, engaging with the challenges faced by the White River Watershed.

Thank you participating Clark Dietz Staff: Aaron Barding, EITSam Robertson, PE, CFMKevin Loiselle, and Brian Powers, P.E. for their volunteering efforts as part of Clark Dietz’s Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program.

Giving back is part of the Clark Dietz culture. We are proud to contribute our time and talent to improving communities, residents’ quality of life, and supporting environmental causes. It’s humbling to see the results, and know that our efforts have made a difference by giving back both locally and around the globe. To support our Engineering Quality of Life philosophy, Clark Dietz employees all have access to our VTO benefits, allowing staff to support organizations and causes important to our communities.

Together, let’s continue to explore, advocate, and work towards cleaner and healthier Hoosier waterways.


2B_Brian Water Sample