John Street Drainage Improvements


John Street Drainage Improvements Champaign, IL Challenge Severe flooding and sewer overflows posed an annual threat to the safety of residents along the John Street watershed in Champaign, Illinois. The watershed’s history of flooding dated back to the early 1900s, since then severe flooding was an annual event but the record rainfalls of 2008 [...]

University Avenue Improvements


University Avenue Improvements Champaign, IL This project consisted of design and construction phase services for the traffic signal rehabilitation and pedestrian safety improvements on University Avenue from Randolph Street to Chestnut Street. The project included roadway lighting improvements along University Avenue between State Street and Chestnut Street and an on-street bicycle lane on Walnut [...]

Auburn Road Bridge & Roundabout


Auburn Road Bridge over Becketts Run and Auburn Road at Wallen Road Roundabout Allen County, IN This project included design services for a bridge replacement and adjacent intersection and path improvements. The replacement structure is a three span reinforced concrete slab with an overall length of 91 feet, and a typical section including two [...]