Merrill Municipal Outdoor Pool

Merrill, WI

The Merrill municipal outdoor pool in Wisconsin is a public swimming facility that has a large pool with various areas of activities for all ages including slides, lap pools and play area. The bathhouse facility includes a ticketing area, cash room, first aid room, lockers and shower spaces, and quick service food station.

Clark Dietz was part of an architect led team that provided design and construction phase services including site civil, building, pool and site lighting, mechanical and plumbing. The system designs included energy efficient instantaneous gas fired water heaters, chemical room ventilation systems, LED lighting, storm water pump station, site storm water design, and control equipment.

Merrill Municipal Pool details:

  • Potable water and sanitary sewer connections, storm sewer and access path, including stormwater management plan.
  • Bathhouse facilities for men and women featuring water saving fixtures.
  • Instantaneous gas fired energy efficient water heater for bath houses.
  • Pool water heaters interconnected with mechanical ventilation system.
  • Restroom exhaust system.
  • Power systems for building, pool and site lighting, pool equipment.
  • Lift station to fully drain pool and stormwater pond capable of total suspended solids removal and release rate.