I-57 at Stuenkel Road Phase III

Will County, IL

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) selected Clark Dietz to perform preliminary engineering, environmental analysis, and public involvement to evaluate the need for additional access to interstate highway, I-57, at Stuenkel Road in Will County – just south of Chicago. The purpose of the new interchange was to provide a transportation system improvement that supports regional mobility, social and economic demands, and enhances access along I-57 to accommodate a  forecasted travel demand.

It was determined that access to I-57 at Stuenkel Road would improve access to the regional job centers and affordable suburban housing between Chicago and the Kankakee area. Several interchange alternatives were developed and evaluated to determine which best met the transportation needs with the least impact to the natural environment. The alternatives were vetted with project stakeholders through public involvement meetings.

Based on its higher level of service for Stuenkel Road, greater opportunity for economic development, and public support, a hybrid of a traditional diamond interchange with a partial cloverleaf in the southeast quadrant was selected. This alternative also rated very favorably in wetland impact, floodplain encroachment, and overall land acquisition.

Additional I-57 Improvements

Improvements were also evaluated for the intersections of Stuenkel Road at Central Avenue, Stuenkel Road at Ridgeland Avenue, and Stuenkel Road at Harlem Avenue. Work included public involvement, field surveys, environmental resource identification, storm water evaluation, traffic counts, traffic analysis, structure inspection, bridge condition report and preliminary design, alignment and intersection design studies, hydraulic analysis, environmental compliance, traffic maintenance, detours, lighting, signing, and cost estimates for the new interchange and adjacent highway improvements.

The cost of the improvement was estimated to be $40 million. In October 2011, the Combined Design Report was approved without exceptions.