CHAMPAIGN, IL – Clark Dietz Project Engineer Brittany Sterling is passionate about offering her skills throughout the world as a volunteer. This past March Brittany was brought in last minute to work with the Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Chicago Chapter for 10 days at Wema Children’s Centre and Highway School in Bukembe Village, Bungoma, Western Kenya.

The EWB team was brought in to make improvements on an existing well facing contamination issues as children began contracting typhoid. Brittany helped the team remove sediments using a filter in tandem with a chlorination system to deactivate microorganisms. A challenge that remains today is that power on the site for the water pump is only available 20 percent of the time. Before leaving Kenya, the team came up with a solution for running the pump on solar power and are currently fundraising for the equipment and to send a second team to Wema.

The benefits of a close, consistent water source are great for agriculture and better sanitation practices. What motivates her to do this work? Brittany states,

“Every person deserves a solid basis upon which to build their lives. When helping other countries better position themselves in the world Western technology should fit seamlessly into their way-of- life and respect local culture.”

Whether assisting other organizations or through her own non-profit, Basic Dignities Corp, Brittany is engineering quality of life for others. Clark Dietz is proud to have her a part of our team.

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