Winnetka Village Hall Standby Generator

Winnetka, IL

The Village of Winnetka hired Clark Dietz to provide design and construction phase services required for the complete engineering, design, equipment specification, and parts to install an all-circuits standby generator. This required installation of a new 150 KW natural gas generator and ATS. Extensive coordination was required to ensure the generator was located away from general public walkway. The project also required reconfiguration of the egress from the Village Hall and removal and replacement of the gas meter. In order to meet the project schedule, Clark Dietz proposed a two step approach; pre-purchasing the generator and ATS and splitting the construction into a separate contract. This worked very well for the Village as they were able to secure the generator without a contractor markup. To circumvent an exposed gas piping route outside the building, the design called for installation of gas piping through the basement.

Winnetka Village Hall