Westside Connector Roadway & Trail

Santa Claus, IN

This project involved construction of a new roadway and multi-use trail from SR 162 to SR 245. The roadway and trail are located on the west side of the Town. The roadway portion of the Westside Connector project was designed to meet standards for new construction for urban intermediate collectors with a design speed of 30 mph. The improvements extend from the northern edge of pavement of SR 162 to the southern edge of pavement of SR 245. The total length of project is approximately 1,620 ft. (0.31 mi.).

The proposed roadway cross section consisted of two 12 ft. travel lanes in each direction, with a 12 ft. two-way center left turn lane. The roadway was bordered by 2 ft. curb and gutter on both sides of the roadway, a 6 ft. sidewalk on the west side of the roadway, and a 10 ft. multi-use trail on the east side of the roadway. The improvements also included new drive approaches, storm sewers, pavement markings and signing. The storm sewers outlet to roadside ditches at both the south end and the north end of the project.

The multi-use trail was designed following all applicable standards in the Indiana Design Manual and the AASHTO Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities. The design speed of the trail is 15 mph. At the north terminus, the trail connects to an existing trail along the south side of SR 245. This existing trail connects the Town Hall to the Santa Claus Volunteer Fire Department building. The south terminus was also connected to a planned multi-use trail along SR 162 that will eventually connect Holiday World with the Lincoln Boyhood Home National Memorial.

The cross section for the trail consisted of a 10 ft. wide (8 ft. minimum) paved surface bordered by a minimum 2 ft. shoulder, sloped at 6:1 max. The pavement section thickness for the trail followed the section shown in the INDOT Standard Drawings. The improvements also included new ADA compliant curb ramps where required.