Lindner Tower and Grow Library Boiler Installation

Lombard, IL

Clark Dietz performed a study evaluating various heating options for the existing Lindner Tower, a seven story student housing building, and the campus wide hot water heating system, which also provides heat to the old Administrative Building and the Grow Library. The existing heating system had experienced piping failure.

Four options from the study were presented with the selected option providing new boilers for Lindner Tower and Grow Library, eliminating the existing boilers in the old Administrative Building. The improvement consisted of:

  • New gas fired condensing hot water boiler, pumps and associated accessories, and extension of gas service for Grow Library
  • New gas fired condensing hot water boilers, pumps and associated accessories for Lindner Tower
  • Reconnection of existing risers to new hot water and re-feeding the existing air handling hot water coil
  • Domestic water riser evaluation and replacement of shower valves/cartridges
  • Domestic hot water heat exchanger and mixing valve controls
  • New flue and intake air piping risers through the roof
  • Modification of existing exhaust systems/risers to facilitate installation of new boilers in unused trash compaction room
  • Modification of sprinkler system in the library area and storage rooms
  • Electrical upgrades required to install new systems.