KENOSHA, WI, April 4, 2019 – The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Wisconsin has awarded Clark Dietz, Inc., an Engineering Excellence Merit Award in the Waste and Storm Water category for the Harrison Street Detention Improvement project in the City of Elmhurst, IL.

For a decade, the area south of Butterfield Road and east of York Street flooded during various rainfalls, with 11 homes experiencing flooding as well as street and area flooding. Clark Dietz assisted the City of Elmhurst in alternatives analysis, design, and construction of a stormwater storage facility to provide flood storage amongst a densely packed residential neighborhood. In partnership with the City, Clark Dietz conducted a public information meeting with residents of the Yorkfield Subdivision and listened intently to public comments to ensure that the worries and concerns of residents got addressed.


Harrison Street Project Photo


The final design was a concrete channel to divert water in a 100-year storm event to the proposed basin instead of flooding residences. This was the highest impact and most cost-effective solution for the City and surrounding residents. One of the main components of the project was the aesthetics of the basin. It was important to the City and Clark Dietz to present the project in a positive way by providing safety and an appealing area. A poured concrete cap along the top of the wall offered a finished look, while plantings of wildflowers, grasses, and sedges allowed the bottom to remain native and natural. The solution was both practical and pleasing for the community.

Last October the rain gauges showed over 6 inches of rain in about 27 hours. The success is that the street didn’t flood, the basin filled up as designed, and at least a few residents stopped by City Hall to say, “good job”. With our approach to this project, as well as many others, Clark Dietz believes in increasing the community’s quality of life by making their home a better place to live.


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