Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion, Phase II

Fox Lake, IL

To better serve their residents, and the residents of nine surrounding communities, the Village of Fox Lake needed to increase the wastewater treatment capacity at the NWRWRF through a wastewater treatment plant expansion. Clark Dietz was also tasked with minimizing costs and maximizing efficiencies. Energy savings were accomplished through a unique design that integrated various plant processes and equipment upgrades to maximize the efficiencies and provide higher quality effluent to the Fox River watershed.

To preserve continuous operations at the plant, Clark Dietz planned and designed construction of the improvements in phases. Prioritizing fiscal responsibility, the phases were aligned with cash flows resulting from immediate cost savings realized in the early phase of the project. With the assistance of Clark Dietz, the Village also received over $500,000 in grants from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

The improvements made provided energy savings, sustainable solutions and increased capacity; resulting in a projected energy savings of $18,600 per month.


2014 ACEC Wisconsin Engineering Excellence Merit Award