US 27 Pavement Replacement

Richmond, IN


Clark Dietz designed this project to replace over two miles of the deteriorating pavement on southbound US 27. A substandard horizontal curve along Southbound US 27 and North “C” Street was corrected. The project included extensive urban sewer system design and addressed inadequate curb heights, as well as sidewalk replacement with nearly 100 ADA curb ramps. Complex, phased MOT design was required on this high-volume NHS route through Richmond that encompasses the intersection with US 40. We were also responsible for utility coordination on this project and the intersecting US 40 project; with tight right of way and several utilities sharing an urban corridor, that involved detailed, proactive outreach to the utilities.

Clark Dietz was assigned to investigate two miles of US 27. Engineering Assessment included HCS modeling, crash analysis and looking at alternatives for the six signalized intersections in the corridor. The final design resulted in safety improvements including correcting a sub-standard horizontal curve and replacing the existing curb to meet current standards. To improve pedestrian access, over 100 ADA curb ramps were installed and six signalized intersections were modernized. Improvements to the existing signing and pavement markings was also performed for the project length. Extensive public outreach occurred on the project, including several meetings with local officials and a meeting with the public.