HVAC Equipment and Controls Replacement

Champaign, IL

The initial goal of this project was to reduce energy costs for the City of Champaign by increasing the efficiency of HVAC system across multiple City facilities. Equipment upgrades and an automated control system significantly increased efficiency and now provide a more comfortable environment at all facilities.

While the air handling equipment in the facilities was in excellent condition for its age, the pneumatic controls had fallen into disrepair and a new control system was needed to implement modern energy conservation strategies. The new direct digital control system installed at the City Building optimizes the control sequences and provides network communications to the Police and Fire station. It also provides control options that are difficult to achieve with pneumatics alone. Time of day scheduling for each air handling system is now possible and changes can be made remotely via any City network computer. Reset schedules, based on outside temperature conditions, are programmed and save energy at part load conditions.

The cooling system upgrades include a new high efficiency chiller in the City Building and new high efficiency condensing units at the Fire Station. High efficiency gas fired boilers, with efficiencies as high as 95%, were also installed at the Fire Station to replace an aging, oversized boiler.

The energy savings provided by these upgrades has been substantial and immediate. On average, the monthly electrical consumption has been reduced by 30% during the heating season. During the cooling season, electrical consumption has been reduced by 50%. The control system is now efficient, accessible and user friendly; and building comfort to the occupant has been improved. The City’s decision to implement these improvements gives testimony to their stewardship of public resources.

HVAC System


2013 ACEC Illinois Engineering Excellence Merit Award