Belmont North Relief Interceptor

Indianapolis, IN

Three townships in the City of Indianapolis were continually plagued by sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) during wet weather conditions. The existing sewer system no longer had the capacity to serve the growing population of 75,000, which presented health hazards to residents and degraded water quality in surrounding creeks and rivers. The City’s initial plan routed a gravity relief sewer along the valley of Crooked Creek, which would have resulted in the loss of significant portions of the creek’s riparian vegetation and negatively impacted many adjacent homes.

Clark Dietz provided an Advanced Facility Plan that alleviated the SSOs with minimal impact on the community and incorporated a new community space with sustainable features, while saving the City $50 million in project costs.

Partnering with Citizen’s Energy, Clark Dietz led collaborations with municipal stakeholders to generate a comprehensive design solution to meet the multiple project objectives. The Belmont North Relief Interceptor was designed using a combination of design techniques to accommodate varying topographies, and environmental and community concerns. The resulting design incorporated both a lift station and a force main component to bypass three golf courses and minimize interruption to traffic and commerce.

The Belmont North Relief Interceptor relieved the SSOs and was not only cost effective but also environmentally sensitive, preserving riparian vegetation that would have otherwise been lost. A major benefit to the community was the addition of a new aesthetically pleasing lift station building in a City park that incorporated “green” features and energy savings. Landscaping and updates to the surrounding area have rejuvenated the park’s use to vibrant community space.

Key Design Features:

  • Trenchless construction in select areas allowed commerce and traffic to continue normally
  • A dipping tube surge vessel protects the system from hydraulic transients
  • Redundant odor control minimized impact to adjacent parks and recreation areas
  • Citywide SCADA system provides remote monitoring and operation
  • Lift station building located in a City park incorporates a new community center and playground
  • Sustainable design features minimize environmental impact and provide energy efficiencies

Belmont North Brochure