Reclaiming a resource.

Water is a valuable resource and reclaiming it has economic, environmental, and public benefits. Each community has unique economic, environmental, and public priorities that govern the success of their operations. Our team’s strong technical expertise is equally matched by our ability to collaborate with and guide our clients to value driven, fiscally responsible solutions. We deliver an entire range of wastewater engineering services to address regulatory compliance, process design, operational efficiency, equipment selection, and discharge limits.


  • Master planning and system modeling
  • Interceptor and local sewer design
  • SSES and sewer rehabilitation
  • Lift station analysis and design
  • CSO control and elimination
  • Facility master plans
  • Performance modeling
  • Facility design and construction
  • Rehabilitation and upgrades
  • Biosolids management
  • Nutrient removal
  • Pump and blower efficiency
  • Process performance modeling
  • Aeration efficiency
  • Biogas reuse
  • Green infrastructure
  • Renewable energy