Good for people and the planet.

Our team is unified by a unique passion: creating an environment where community health and economic vitality exist in balance with our natural surroundings. We believe that natural resource protection is a cultural, economic, and social asset to any community. This is where our professionals excel. We are not just water resources engineers. We are public works professionals and municipal engineers who understand the realities and practicalities of stormwater management. We apply proven stormwater management strategies in tandem with innovative naturalized systems, ensuring the balance between community and the environment is preserved.


  • Watershed master plans
  • Neighborhood drainage
  • MS4 stormwater program assistance
  • User fee/utility feasibility
  • Hydrologic/hydraulic modeling
  • Bridge and culvert sizing
  • Floodplain/floodway mapping
  • Neighborhood drainage analysis
  • Waterway permits
  • Sewer system modeling
  • Relief interceptors
  • Satellite treatment
  • Peak wet weather storage
  • Sewer separation and rehabilitation
  • Pervious pavement and rain gardens
  • Energy efficiency
  • Manufactured BMPs