Anne Shaw - Clark Dietz Engineers

Anne Shaw

Environmental Specialist

As both a cultural and environmental specialist, Anne’s experience includes conducting Section 106 architectural history and archaeology surveys and reports as well as environmental compliance and mitigation. She also serves as a Principal Investigator in architectural history and historical archaeology with a focus on historical archival research. Anne’s expertise further includes National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) investigations and documentation including early coordination letters, Red Flag Investigation reports, categorical exclusion documents, historic bridges alternative analyses as well as consulting party coordination.

In addition to her professional work, Anne is a social media enthusiast with a popular Instagram account (anne_archie) of over 5,000 followers. Anne also is a YouTube contributor and co-creator of the web series Annearchy, featuring interviews at historic sites throughout Indiana. Anne is heavily involved in community and non-profit organizations, including serving on the boards of the Indiana Archaeological Council, Howard County (Indiana) Historical Society, as well as the governor-appointed Indiana State Historic Preservation Review Board.


Environmental + Cultural, Section 106 Compliance Specialist