As part of the planned leadership transition, Clark Dietz, Inc. has elected Charles Craddock, PE, FACEC, as President and COO. John I. Boldt, PE, FACEC, previously held the title of President and remains as CEO and Chairman of the Board. Jerry Payonk, PE was re-elected Executive Vice President. Wesley Christmas, PE was elected to Treasurer and promoted to Senior Vice President. Mustafa Emir, PE, PhD was elected Secretary and promoted to Senior Vice President.

Other members re-elected to the board include: Hans Peterson, PE (Senior Vice President); Al Staron, PE (Senior Vice President); Nancy Hiner (Senior Vice President); Sean Widener, PE (Vice President); Stacie Dovalovsky, PE (Vice President); and Jon Howaniec, PHR (Vice President).

Titi Hepp has been elected as a new shareholder.