Inovateus, DeMille Road Solar Facility

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Inovateus, DeMille Road Solar Facility Clark Dietz provided project management, site civil, structural and electrical engineering services for this three-site project that is one of the largest utility-owned PV solar arrays east of the Mississippi River. The project will generate 45 MW of solar power with 200,000 solar panels, enough to power 9,000 homes. [...]

UW-Stout Electrical Substation Replacement



UW-Stout Electrical Substation Replacement Stout, WI Challenge With over 9,300 students and enrollment steadily increasing at UW-Stout, changes had to be made to their campus substation. The University was aware that their current substation could not produce enough reliable power for their new enrollment numbers. Built in 1974, maintenance and repairs were becoming more [...]

Weston 4 Power Plant



Weston 4 Power Plant Weston, WI As a sub-tiered engineer/consultant to one of the project's general contractors, Clark Dietz provided the HVAC and secondary electrical systems design for the remodel of the facility's existing office and the new control and operations building (dark building shown in foreground of picture). The five-story building houses the [...]